West Wetsuits in stock now!

In stock now, we have all 2mm fullsuits, 3/2 and 4/3 Lotus and Lotus Air-O suits, oh yeah and they're less expensive than anyone elses!
The Air-O traps air, making for a lighter suit in the water (heavier on land though) and way warmer.
Founded in 1982 in Western Australia, West is an Eco-driven company, being one of the first companies to produce a limestone wetsuit. Limestone is softer, stretchier and lasts longer. All of the West Wetsuits have a lifetime warranty. Having a West Lotus 3/2MM Chest Zip Wetsuit in your arsenal is respected and revered, thanks to their superior design quality and functionality. West crafts the Lotus 3/2 out of 100% West Gen-3 Ultraspan neoprene, complete with fluid seams, wrist and ankle water seals, and taped stress areas. One of the nicer looking wetsuits on the market as well; who says you can't have a little style with your substance?
Great review on Australia's Surfing Life:

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