Weston William's blowing up!!!

A message from Weston's mom:
Weston competed for the first time in the VQS world championships in Newport Beach,  CA (Friday thru Sunday) and what a contest!!!!!  There were 56 competitors from around the globe in the "Porch Baby" (Groms 14 and under)division.  There was no shortage of great competitors from West coast, East Coast, Japan, Brazil and Hawaii....you name it ;these kids came from everywhere.   

Our "East Coaster" made sure the competition knew he meant business. Surfing solid and smart in every round.  In round two (see below) Weston took down some pretty big names knocking Makai McNamara (North Shore Surfer) out of the competition and coming in ahead of USA team rider and probably the highest rated grom -Kolohe Andino. It was a proud moment for the "little man".  He went on to make it to the quarter finals and then got put out.  What an accomplishment for the first time at an event like this.  We are all super proud!!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,look out for his name, he has 3 more years in this age group! 

Thanks again to all Weston's great sponsors, friends and family.  The amount of phone calls and text messages from everyone was incredible...it really means alot to have everyone cheering and encouraging along the way. 

Thanks a bunch and c ya on the beach!!!!

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